SPAFFORD - Wilmington '24
Poster for Spafford's visit to Bowstring Brewyard in Wilmington, NC.  During this tour Brian needed time off to recover from issues related to a car accident.  Friend and talented musician Mike Gantzer (Aqueous) filled in on lead guitar for this tour.  For this poster I thought it would be cool to commemorate Mike’s guest spot with Spafford. I actually went back to some old Aqueous art I had started but never used. The whale not only represents Mike, but also the larger than life jams that Spafford is known for. I also included the elements from the newer Spafford logo (cactus, sphere, checked cone, and diamond).
artwork and printing by Brian Bojo
"Worlds Collide"
2 color screen print
Signed and Numbered Edition of 30 on 100lb French 'black liccorice" paper

Some of these may be available in the artist's online store.

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