Spafford - Boise 2018
Official gig print for Spafford's March 10th show in Boise, ID
“The Business of Birds” by Brian Bojo
5 color hand-pulled screen print
Signed and Numbered Edition of only 40
100lb accent white paper

I generally like to create a piece of art for a band that either incorporates something from the group (song, members…), or the location. In this case “The Business of Birds” is in reference to something located in Boise. Besides being one of the fastest growing cities in America, Boise is home to “The World Center for Birds of Prey”. This Center is a place where visitors can get nose-to-beak with various birds as they learn and explore the raptors and efforts made to protect them from extinction. Through the group’s non-profit organization “The Peregrine Fund”, they raise awareness and funds to speak on behalf of more than 100 species of birds in 65 countries worldwide! The World Center for Birds of Prey is truly ALL about “the business of birds”.

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