- Both Posters Side by Side -

The Avett Brothers - NYE - GA - Greensboro '21
The Avett's official posters for New Year's Eve, 12/31/21.  Unfortunately this show was cancelled due to an uptick in COVID-19 cases in the area.  These posters were already printed and ended up being shelved and kept secret for almost a year.  The band gave us permission to release these to the public and on 11/15/22 they became available to poster collectors. 

This specific poster was intended to be the GA (general admission) poster sold at the event's merch booths.  
Dual artist poster collaboration by: Kat Lamp & Brian Bojo

Brian and Kat worked very closely to produce these posters and ensured that both artist's style and visions were represented.  The poster features Father Time and Mother Nature looking into a mirror.  Father Time represents the past: the closing of the year hence the night time (closing of day), and the Fall/Winter time (closing of the year, leaves dying).  Mother Nature represents the future: the dawning of the new thus the sun rising (new day), and Spring (new life).  What about the Ox and the Tiger?  Father Time representing 2021 is standing with the Ox - the Chinese Zodiac Animal for the year 2021.  Mother Nature representing 2022 is accompanied by the Zodiac Animal Tiger (2022).  Anything else?  Well yes actually.  The other two animals... both woodland creatures, a fox and a deer.  For this poster they hold little significance, but each of these characters are duplicated and used on the posters Kat and I designed for the make-up show scheduled on March 19,2022.  So who did what?  How did you work together? Kat and I had met once before in person and became facebook friends. We have a mutual respect for what each other does. We live a few hours from each other but designed and communicated remotely using phone/text/zoom. The ideas and work was honestly a joy. We made a good team. Kat drew/designed the "Day Time/Spring/Mother Nature portions" while Brian drew/designed the "Night Time/Fall/Father Time portions". 
The General Admission poster matches up with the VIP poster to create a unified diptych.
5 layer screen print 18”x24” on off-white paper
* Some remained "uncut" and feature both posters on a 24"x36" poster.
50% of the sales from these posters was donated to Press On Fund to help support research for childhood cancer.

Some of these may be available in the artist's online store.

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